The 较低的学校 program at 188体育投注网 takes place in an engaging single-gender environment that allows girls to develop in their own specific ways.

另外, with our unique campus structure that houses students from 3 years old through 年级 12, 较低的学校 students receive many opportunities to learn from and interact with their older counterparts – creating a true sense of family among the members of the Academy community.


Our 较低的学校 program takes this into account and recognizes that girls have a much more varied and successful educational experience when they are free to take academic risks in gender-specific classrooms. Dedicated teachers who know their students facilitate a supportive and positive environment where children are challenged as they reach their full potential.
我们的低年级课程侧重于阅读, 写作, 听力和口语, and recognizes that each child has her own unique personality and special talents. 识字和数学的学生从事以项目为基础的工作, 建立自信的体验式学习, 沟通能力和责任心. They are also introduced to the arts and athletics through a variety of meaningful 活动 and events. Our commitment to parents is to help students find their unique gifts and build upon them while also providing a well-rounded education with high standards.



  • 苏珊娜·加德纳-克拉克森摄

    苏珊 Gardner-Clarkson 



  • 学前教育

    The 学前教育 program at The Albany Academies is a coeducational coordinate program for older three-year-old children and younger four-year-old children, informed by the developmentally appropriate practices established by the National Association of Education of Young Children.

    这种方法承认女孩和男孩通过主动学习, 与适合发展的材料进行有意义的互动, 同龄人和成年人. The program provides daily opportunities for large group, small group and individual instruction. 室内和室外活动的平衡, active and quiet play and child-centered and teacher facilitated interactions complete the day.
    学前教育 meets the challenge of providing the experiences and opportunities that help young children learn and grow. 学生还与体育教育专业教师一起工作, 音乐, 艺术, 图书馆与创意运动.

    学前教育 at The Albany Academies provides the perfect mix of experiences and opportunities for young children, planting the seeds that will nurture their development and curiosity and grow into a lifelong love of learning.

  • 婴幼儿。

    The full-day Pre-K program at 188体育投注网 serves as a bridge between nursery/preschool and 幼儿园 – providing young students with experiences that foster the development of their cognitive, 社会, 通过平衡工作和娱乐的情感和运动技能.

    Girls build positive attitudes toward school and learning as they engage in individual, 以及大大小小的群体, 活动. 在情, 女孩们现在已经准备好搬到更大的学校环境中去, 而不是在自包含的类中. The 婴幼儿。 girls receive positive feedback and attention from our students in the grades above them. 课堂体验因艺术而增强, 音乐 and 图书馆 courses along with a daily Physical Education class that includes Ice Skating and Swimming.

    婴幼儿。 girls even eat lunch in the Dining and 事件 Center with the other girls in the 较低的学校. 随着他们视野的开阔, our Pre-K students develop not only self-confidence but also a strong sense of belonging to a larger community.
  • 幼儿园

    幼儿园 at 188体育投注网 addresses four major areas of a child’s development: cognitive, 社会, 情感和身体.


  • 一年级

    A 一年级 student at 188体育投注网 is a unique combination of curiosity, 能源, 和热情. This year is of enormous importance as students begin to solidify their view of themselves as learners. 一年级是一个形成的一年, 孩子们成长为自信的读者, 思想家和数学家.
    当然, each child will progress at an individual rate; therefore success is measured not by where they finish, 但他们已经走了多远. 一年级 is also a year of transition to the more formal learning environment. Students will still have many opportunities to work and play in hands-on 活动, 但也会参与独立的任务. Direct instruction and hands-on 活动 that engage the mind provide stimulation, 同时支持每个孩子对自己能力的自信.
  • 二年级

  • 三年级

    三年级, students begin to acquire new emotional and cognitive skills resulting in a year that includes 社会 transition. Students start to have a greater need to be liked by peers with a better capacity to express thoughts and feelings and have a stronger sense of right and wrong. They progress to creating increasingly important interactions between friends in an effort to help strengthen the bond between peers. 通过将学院的核心价值观融入我们的课程, we solidify and promote moral development in the following areas: responsibility, 聪明才智, 完整性, 自律, 同情, 服务, 尊重, 和毅力.
    在学业上, we continue to focus on developing the whole child and accommodate differences in the individual by providing a variety of learning experiences. Instruction is adapted and individualized to meet the needs of each and every student. We promote a positive learning environment that allows the student to gain self-confidence and establish a sense of accomplishment by combining guidance and challenge.
  • 四年级

    • accommodate differences in learner backgrounds by providing various learning experiences
    • adapt instruction to students' unique interests and needs by using individualization
    • 把挑战和成功结合起来,提升成就感
    • increase achievement and improve relations among students by using cooperative learning
    • 通过使用同伴辅导增加参与和互动
    • 强调个人责任,促进道德发展